Project survey & analysis

Each site will be inspected and surveyed for its layout and function, our stylist will perform in-depth client interviews to determine all necessary requirements for the design project.

We look in depth at sites in its current state; we need to do this to understand the complexities of a building’s design heritage, but also to be aware of any issues that may arise in the design process, or any restrictions that may apply. This information is then analyzed for design concepts and space planning.

Survey and Planning

Our team of professionals will personally oversee every aspect of the design process. From our initial consultation to final walk-though and turn-over, we can assist you with concept theme, selection of materials and furnishings, and installation. The breadth of our experiences goes beyond design, allowing us to offer our clients turn-key design and construction services.

Include site survey with in-depth client interview to determine all necessary requirements for the design project.

Xpress Interiors in Interior Design with a minimum of 10 years' professional experience and Architect License. Extensive experience in all phases of interior architectural projects and their management. Serves as primary contact with clients, consultants, and public agencies on all assigned projects. Determines standards for project development. Requires substantial knowledge of architectural contract preparation and use. Organizes and leads contract negotiations while providing leadership to project teams. Responsible for developing schedules, manpower allocations, and budgets on all assigned projects.